Zimbabwean Man Forces His Wife To Watch Him Have Sex With Prostitute

A 32-year-old man from Gondo Village in Gokwe under Chief Nemangwe brought a hooker to his home and forced his wife to watch him have sex with the prostitute on their matrimonial bed.
After the deed, he instructed his wife to prepare food for the “girlfriend”.

The matter was heard when Tafara Mzembe was dragged by his wife Atalia Sibanda to Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court.

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity said Mzembe who is an artisanal miner, was in the habit of buying sex from sex workers at Gondo Business Centre.

“He is a miner and as such he usually has lots of money that he usually spends on sex workers at the growth point.

On the fateful day, he hired the services of a certain hooker called Betty Masamba and he decided to take her home.

“Upon arrival in the wee hours, he woke his wife up and forced her to watch him bed the hooker on their bed saying he wanted her to learn various sex positions from Masamba,” said the source.

After the deed, Mzembe who was heavily intoxicated ordered his wife to prepare Masamba a meal as she had complained of hunger.

“After having sex with the hooker, he instructed Sibanda to go to the kitchen and prepare a meal for the ‘visitor’ as a token of appreciation for showing her sex positions,” said the source.

Contacted for comment, Chief Nemangwe under whose jurisdiction the area falls under, confirmed the matter saying he ordered Mzembe to pay three cows to his wife for disrespecting her in such a manner.

“I can confirm presiding over such a matter and l ordered Mzembe to pay his wife three cows. He abused his wife and we do not tolerate women abuse in this area.

“When l inquired why he was sleeping with hookers yet he has a wife, he said his wife had lost sexual flavour,” said Chief Nemangwe.

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